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Story timeeee

OK, so I get there at about 9:15, when I insisted we get there by 8 so I can get my passes and get though security in time for the first band. Gates opened at 10, I got my passes at like fucking, 10:30. Corina, Mom, and I ran in and heard Armor for Sleep playing. We ran to their set while I took pictures. Next, I ran to see the last of Against me on the Teddy Bear stage.  After that, I dragged everyone over the the Hurley Stage to watch Paramore(Fucking amazing.).

Hayley(into mich): Hey! How you doin?
*shakes hand*

Hahaha. So, after their set we went to wait for Thursday to come on. My mom bought Chinese food (I don't even know how. Haha) and we walked over to the main stage. I sat on the front side of the barricade, in front of all the fans. Once Geoff came out, I lost most of my hearing. It was rad. I took pics of them, watched their whole set, and then I went over to Beth's MCS booth. I swear, she is super sweet. I got a bandana =]](I FORGOT TO TIP HER. I FEEL BAD.). After that we wnet to see... UNDEROATH. HA. Insane set. Kids being thrown everywhere, and stuff. I watched their set and walked around looking for a small stage to watch. We came back for Anti-Flag, who are amazing, watched Joan Jett, Saves the Day, Bouncing Souls, and MCS!!!! Who were brilliant. We were pretty much hopping from Main Stage to Main Stage back and forth. I missed some of the other MCS songs though, cause Corie wanted to see I AM GHOST. I don't blame her. I dragged her around the whole day. We bought merch from Armor for Sleep's merch man, who is also insanely nice( He high fived my mom, me, and Corie. He called her the 'Innocent Bistandard'.) I tipped him 5 bucks. And then I bought a MCS shirt from Beth once again. GAH, I FORGOT TO TIP HER AGAIN. SORRY.

and then my dad picked us up and we went to Taco Bell.

The end. =]]

OH YEAH, IVANE TXTED ME AND I SORTA MET HER AT THE MYSPACE TENT(Travis was standing right next to me, and I didn't even know. Hahaha). WE WAVED 329834  TIMES. =]]


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